Hours of Operation
Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 10PM

Welcome to Seoul Soondae where 20-year soondae history repeats at the same location in Cerritos, California with the same ownership, the same taste, uncompromising quality and services.

Soondae is a pork sausage, filled with mixed with sweet rice and sweet potato vermicelli noodles. It is a traditional Korean sausage and popular snack food sold by various restaurants as well as street vendors. Unlike meaty American or European sausages, soondae is lightly spicy in taste and steamed to a moist, soft roll which is then cut into oval slices. It has great texture and guaranteed to melt in one’s mouth. A mixture of salt, ground pepper and kochukaru (red chili pepper flakes) is served along side this dish for flavoring. Soondae is usually served with kimchi like cubed radish, kaktugi, along with a warm miso type soup.

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